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So there's no training at the moment but that doesn't mean we can be active. In fact now, more than ever, it's important to keep moving, stretch the muscles and do some exercise - all within the guidelines of course.

So if you've got space in the garden, or a room at home you can use, put your sports clothes, grab a ball and use these links to try out some great routines you can do on your own, or with family members.

Some routines you may have to adapt for your circumstances, but the basic idea is to provide your with opportunities to keep up your netball skills and fitness levels so we are ready to go again as soon as we're allowed.

Take a photo or video of you training and post on our social media to show what you're doing and encourage others to keep moving. Have fun.

Here are some suggestions for some solo workouts:

Session 1

Session 2

We have listed some websites to give you some ideas.

NETFIT Netball by Sarah Wall provides a range of netball services to encourage and inspire netballers of all ages.  

Check it out here.

Other links for continued training

Bruce from Brighton Spine and Sports clinic has loaded up some exercises which can be done at home.  These are excellent and worth a look.


We offer opportunities for further coaching skills development throughout the year for our experienced Coaches.  We also run an assistant junior coaching program offering our Year 8 and above players the opportunity to learn from an experienced coach and progress to coaching their own teams once they have completed the required training.  

Team Managers

All teams have a Team Manager who is usually a parent who volunteers on behalf of that team.  

The Team Manager duties include:

  • Rostering for oranges and scoring
  • Rostering for Canteen or BBQ duties
  • Communication with the Committee
  • Point of contact for player absences
  • Distribution of information to your team via email or SMS

There is a Team Manager manual for further guidance. 

Typically the parents of current players, the committee consists of a number of key positions as well as general members and the individual teams managers.

The committee positions are declared vacant at the end of each year and new committee members appointed for the following season. If you are interested in a committee position or helping in any other way throughout the year, please approach one of our committee members.

A sporting club cannot run with just the committee’s energy and input, the support of each child’s parent is essential. From attending games to support their child’s team, to assisting with canteen and BBQ duties, all are important aspects to supporting and running the club.

All teams need a Team Manager who will take responsibility for organising a duty roster each week for match scoring and fruit/lollies, for training supervision, for canteen and BBQ duties. Importantly they will also be the team’s liaison with the committee. Please consider taking a turn as Team Manager to ensure the responsibility is fairly shared around.


All players must wear the correct registered uniform (all same colour and design) at the start of the season, and will not be permitted to take to court unless they are dressed as such.  It is also imperative that all players wear proper supportive netball shoes to lessen the chance of injury.  


NetSetGo is no longer taking registrations.

Social Media

EBVNC will, from time to time, use photos of players in our social media pages and on our website as part of our club publicity and also to celebrate achievements and foster a sense of community. 

We will never post images with identifying information such as name, email address, address or family members' names. 

We respect the right of parents of players and players to opt out of their child's/their inclusion in photographs/media but unless a Media Images Opt-Out Release Form is signed and on file, participation in club activities and events implies permission for the use of images. 



Get involved

Volunteering benefits everyone, but especially you and the EBVNC. We would love to hear from you if you would like to get more involved.

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An important source of funding for the Club comes from corporate sponsors, such as yourself. We would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved in this way.

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