Rep Success!

Rep Success!

As the year draws to a close, we have had a large number of players trial for various representative teams.  It's a really daunting process and we are so proud of everyone who gave it a go!  We are pleased to announce that a total of 21 girls have been selected to play in rep teams.  Such a great effort by the coaches to get them there and especially to all those involved in our useful Rep Ready Program.  

To those who weren't selected this year but are still keen, keep learning and improving, and think about trying out again next year.  As Kate Moloney, Australian Diamonds player,  explained at our end of season function, she wasn't selected first time round for many of the teams she trialled for, but she kept practising and learning and set her own personal goals.  

To those who were successful this year, a huge congratulations on your super efforts!  Now the real work begins!  

Below are a list of those who were successful for 2019 rep teams.


  • Holly Carney
  • Kaitlin Collins
  • Lucy Higgins 
  • Ava Lee
  • Sophie Penfold
  • Charley Robertson

  • CDNA U11
    • Amelie Grace
    • Olivia Gustin-Edwards
    • Laila Morgan
    • Mareli Opperman

    SDNA U13
    • Mila Alexander
    • Lola Graham
    • Amelia Griffith
    • Clover Lazzaro

    Bayside U13
    • Lucy Poole
    SDNA U15
    • Maddie Higgins
    • Georgia Marks
    • Molly Telfer

    CDNA U15
    • Lenna Bruun
    • Remy Church



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